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Getting Started

Getting Started

Connect With Local FCA Staff

Connect with your local FCA staff member to let him/her know of your interest in getting started with or participating in a 3Dimensional Coaches' Huddle.

Video Overview:

    In this video, a local high school coach shares some great suggestions about how to get a biblical coaching study started at your school or in your community.
  • Secure day, time, and location for the coach’s bible study. 

  • Recruit a bible study leader or facilitator

  • Make sure the leader/facilitator is familiar with the Course 101 introductory content.

  • Develop a timeline based on the content of Course 201 (i.e. 1 intro meeting + 9 Units = 10 weeks). 

  •  Plan an initial meeting that introduces the concept of 3Dimensional Coaching, explains what the study is about (utilize the Course 101 "Intro to 3D" video and/or the 1-Page Handout), and the importance of commitment and confidentiality.
  • Ask your local FCA staff (when applicable) for help promoting the study to area coaches

  • Post some fliers with date, location and time around the gym or locker rooms (free templates)

  • Send this link to coaching contacts:

  • Distribute promotional material to coaches

  • Personally invite coaches to attend the bible study


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