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Why 3Dimensional Coaching?

Why 3Dimensional Coaching?

     The role of the COACH has obtained idolized proportions in our society today. Sports, in the American culture, have become an icon of popularity from the very young to the elderly. Over 53 million adolescents participate on an athletic team every year. In fact, we now spend more time watching, reading, or actively being involved in sport activities than any of other life’s discretional domains. Because of this cultural focus, the COACH has become the “point person” for this societal phenomenon. In fact, research reflects the COACH as one of the most influential persons in the American life. The COACH now takes on the role as an authority figure for many of the traditional American ethos; i.e., commitment to goals, team first attitudes, excellence of cause, life attributions, etc. For many reasons, (with not enough time to cover in this blog) these value systems are being lost or de-emphasized in the home environment. It is with this premise that we, as FCA staff members across America and around the world, are making a concerted effort to come alongside the COACHES’ fraternity to help encourage, educate & produce the “next” generation of coaches to meet the demand of our sport culture in all three dimensions.

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1. coachd wrote:
Finally, a plan to coach the coach that really speaks to the heart of coaches so they can leave a lasting legacy with their athletes.

Tue, February 4, 2014 @ 1:28 PM

2. coachbwell wrote:
I've been in student work for 38 years this June, 5 as a volunteer, 23 ministry staff, and 10 coaching/teaching. I've been a follower a long time and recently been asking myself what's missing in my coaching. I just finished reading "Drive" and was wondering how it would apply to coaching/teaching. Then I remember that a coaching buddy sent me the link to this series, WOW, am I excited to be able to refresh with this series. Thanks FCA Academy.

Thu, March 13, 2014 @ 10:47 AM

3. Bob Lichty wrote:
Going through the study just excites me about coaching even after 40 years. Over time we do lose the joy and play of the sport and need to be reminded what brought drew us to sport. We also have to realize that coaching is a calling and we need to always be cognizant of what God called us to do this and what His Purpose is. This study helps me to do this.

Wed, April 16, 2014 @ 2:21 PM

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